Dr. Michael N. Fugaro’s Resume


Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, 2003

University of Pennsylvania
Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris, 1997

University of Delaware
Bachelors in Animal Science / Minor in Chemistry, 1996
Cum Laude


Purdue University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Large Animal Surgery, 1999 – 2002


University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College
Large Animal Medicine & Surgery, 1997–1998


Equine Veterinary Practice Owner
Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services LLC, Hackettstown, NJ (2010-present)

Associate Professor of Equine Studies/Veterinarian
Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ (2005-present)
— Full time professor for four-year bachelor of science degree in Equine Science.
— Responsible for the exclusive medical care of the college owned horses as well as non-college owned animals.
— Responsible for the development of a full-service veterinary practice within the college.

Adjunct Professor of Animal Sciences
Rutgers School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, New Brunswick NJ (2008-present)
— Responsible for the development and application of the course: Advanced Equine Health Care and Management 11:067:398.
— This course is the product of the collaborative collegial efforts of Rutgers University and Centenary College.

Contract Equine Surgeon
BW Furlong & Associates, Oldwick, NJ (2007-present)
— Provide emergency and elective surgical services to the local veterinary and equine community on a part-time, shared and contractual basis.

Regulatory Veterinarian for NJ
Meadowlands, Monmouth, and Freehold Race Parks (2004-present)
— Provided regulatory veterinary services for the New Jersey Racing Commission at both thoroughbred and standardbred racetracks in New Jersey.

Principal Veterinarian of Disease Control
New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health, Trenton, NJ (2004-2005)
— Responsible for equine neurological case reporting within NJ including arboviral surveillance.
— Perform disease, animal cruelty, and humane investigations on equine, livestock and poultry.
— Directly involved in the organization and development in NJ’s animal disaster preparedness and response via the Animal Emergency Working Group, State Animal Response Team, and the NJ Animal Strategic Stockpile.
— Agriculture liaison in the Emergency Operation Center during TopOff 3 exercise.

Equine Surgeon
Running ‘S’ Equine Veterinary Services, Califon, NJ (2003–2004)
— Provided surgical and medical services in an all inclusive four veterinarian referral hospital.

Large Animal Emergency Surgeon
Purdue University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, (2002–2003)
— Provided surgical services after business hours for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
— Instructed the surgical residents and veterinary students of Purdue University in the procedures of large animal emergency surgery.

Senior Post-doctoral Resident
Purdue University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, (2002–2003)
— Responsible for tutoring and lecturing of 2 problem-based learning courses, Applications & Integrations Courses VM540 and VM520, with first and second year veterinary students.
— Responsible for the creation of new large animal teaching cases for VM520 & 540.

Large Animal Ambulatory Veterinarian
Montgomery and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, (1998–99)
— Provide complete medical/surgical service for primarily competitive sport horses.
— Proficient in radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, reproduction, lameness evaluation, emergency medicine, and minor surgical procedures.

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Fugaro MN, Hawkins JF, Van Sickle DC. Pilot study: A comparison of calcium sulfate pellets, putty, and autogenous bone graft on fourth metacarpal/metatarsal bone defects in the horse. Purdue University 2001.


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