Michael N. Fugaro, VMD, Diplomate ACVS
Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services
P.O. Box 471
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(908) 269-8451

Client Services

At Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services, we offer an assortment of services to help ensure the proper diagnosis and care for our patients:
• Educational Information
Emergency Care
Mobile Ambulatory Unit
Preventative and General Medicine
   – Vaccinations
   – Health Certificates and Coggins
   – Administration of Medications
   – Blood Analysis
Pre-Purchase Examinations
Shipping/Mail Service
Sports Medicine/Lameness Examinations/Diagnostics
   – Digital Radiography
   – Ultrasonography
Sports Medicine/Lameness Examinations/Treatments
Surgical Services

Educational Information
The equine industry is constantly evolving and new information and breakthrough discoveries are always emerging. It is our commitment to continuing education that will allow us to relay educational information to all clients and owners in order to expand knowledge about our horses’ healthcare. CLICK HERE to be linked to our protocols and helpful information packets.

Emergency Service
We offer 24-hour emergency service for our clientele. Possible emergency situations include colic, trauma, and lacerations, eye injuries, and severe illness. If you are unsure if you are in an emergency situation, please contact the office.

Mobile Ambulatory Unit
Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services offers a full service ambulatory practice to the local equine community. Our truck is fully stocked and available at all times to provide evaluations, diagnostics, emergency care, and medical treatments to surrounding farms.

Our stocked pharmacy allows us to make sure that the proper medication is available for nearly any medical situation. We are also able to order overnight any special medications, supplies, or healthcare utilities in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Preventative and General Medicine
Mountain Pointe Equine is committed to combating disease and common equine health problems and diseases. The practice offers an on-farm service for routine preventative procedures including vaccinations, physical examinations, blood work/health analysis, routine medication administration, and electronic health certificates and Coggins testing. In addition, educational information, recommendations, and protocols are available for all clients.

Shipping/Mail Service
Our staff offers shipping of basic medications and veterinary supplies in order to accommodate in the needs of all clients. We are also able to drop ship directly from distributors to allow for quick delivery directly to the farm.

Pre-Purchase Examinations
Prior to purchasing a horse, Mountain Pointe Equine recommends the completion of a Pre-Purchase Examination to ensure a long-lasting and healthy partnership as well as a reassurance of your investment. This evaluation provides a correct overall assessment of health and insight into any potential future health concerns. The veterinarian evaluates the patient and communicates any concerns to the client. If recommended or requested, digital radiography, ultrasonography, and other diagnostic modalities are available.

Sports Medicine and Lameness Diagnostics
A lameness associated with the musculoskeletal system can ruin a show season or can compromise a horse for life. Mountain Pointe Equine offers diagnostic modalities such as physical palpation, flexion tests, diagnostic nerve/joint blocks, digital radiography, and ultrasonography to help pinpoint an injury and aid in an accurate diagnosis. Further diagnostic capabilities including nuclear scintigraphy and MRI are readily available.

Sports Medicine and Lameness Treatments
After proper diagnostics, treatment is the next step to a successful recovery. Mountain Pointe Equine offers a wide variety of treatment options including medical and surgical therapy, intra-articular medications and rehabilitation therapy ad guidelines. Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), shockwave, and stem cell therapy are also readily available.

Surgical Services and Internal Medicine
Practice owner Michael N. Fugaro, VMD is a member of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) and offers a high level of expertise in surgical procedures for Mountain Pointe Equine Veterinary Services. Colic and abdominal exploration, orthopedic, soft tissue, ophthalmological, dermatological, dental, upper airway, podiatry, and reproductive procedures are examples of the vast range of surgeries that are available. Surgeries can be performed in the field as well as in a controlled surgical suite environment.